Entrepreneurial Education For Teenagers – Why Should They Start Early?

What’s the ideal age to start your own venture? Some say, 30 or 40 is the best time because at this stage in life, you’re financially sound, have knowledge, experience, contacts as well as the resources; while others opine that 20-somethings make for great entrepreneurs because they are buzzing with ideas and creativity; have no liability and are prepared to take risks. Hence, it is important that entrepreneurial skills are learned as teens.

Today’s generation is tech-savvy, they are open-minded and show immense passion and curiosity. At this age, they love experimenting and come with a boundary-pushing mindset. If they have an innate entrepreneurial spirit, it must be channelized and given direction too.

Programs like India’s Future Tycoons expose teens to the challenges of entrepreneurship. Students may have great ideas but entrepreneurial study teaches them how to bring them to full fruition.

Studying entrepreneurship benefits students to cultivate unique skills like empathy, communication, and sustainability to be a winner in the game and life in general.

Starting early serves as an excellent foundation to bring about significant change in the world through their ideas.

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