Our Philosophy

Our Mission: ENpower-ing the Future

The certain fact about the future is that it is uncertain. And that applies to the careers of our children as they grow. In a constantly evolving market and a complex economic world, fast environmental changes and cutting edge technology, many careers, that look the promising today would become redundant, outdated and irrelevant in the coming years. What can then we do to ensure that the children of today, the future drivers of tomorrow’s economy, have what it takes to survive the omnipresent rat race?

The answer lies in Entrepreneurship Learning – the option of being able to create, manage and steer your own careers as their own enterprises.  Entrepreneurship learning, far more encompassing than business studies, help children to nurture a mindset and thinking process as an entrepreneur, equipping them with the 21st century life skills:

Problem Solving Collaborative working Managing Failures
Decision Making Risk Taking Communication
Creativity Critical Thinking Managing Resources
Enpower-ing the Future

The Job Market Dilemma

62% of ‘today’s jobs will not exist by 2022

The constant changes in technology, environment and socio-political scenario are such that by the year 2025 62% of today’s jobs will disappear!

85% of future jobs are not invented yet

Thanks to the rapid changes around us, it is estimated that 85% of jobs that will exist by 2030 haven’t been invented yet.

Children need to learn to manage change

It is imperative that children get the requisite training to enable them to not only ‘manage’ change but also become ‘change drivers’
enpower our children

Why ENpower Our Children

Book knowledge based curriculum, as followed by most schools, is rather rigid and does not encourage children to question, contemplate or innovate. At a crucial age, their imagination is being curtailed by the system of examinations and grades.

Children need to take their own personal journey and draw their own inferences in order to gain the most from any field of knowledge. Thus, at ENpower every child gets the opportunity to experience the entire entrepreneurship life cycle through a structured learning programme. This process works on several levels:

It makes them realize that having an entrepreneurial mind does not need extraordinary intelligence
It hones the skills that they already possess in the most engaging way
It removes the fear of failure from their mind and encourages risk taking
It helps them to think out of the box by looking at every problem around them as an opportunity

Why Tweens and Teens?

It is in the adolescent years, that is, early teens that children undergo important developmental advances. This is when their learning, observations and experiences will be put into play to make them competent, independent, self-aware.

The early teens are also a more flexible age where children are not yet set in their ways and can still imagine amazing possibilities – be creative risk takers. The Entrepreneurship mindset will give them a head start and not only give them the liberty to dream big but also the guidance on how to bring those dreams to reality – be the change drivers rather than change seekers.

“Empowering every child of India with entrepreneurial life skills is like a polio dose - not only does it protect them from future uncertainties, but it also equips them to be change drivers of tomorrow”

Getting Teens ENpower-ed

The best way to impart knowledge to young impressionable minds is to not even let them realize that they are ‘learning’. At ENpower, we encourage children to participate in interactive games, activities, role plays, quizzes, competitions, real life projects and story sessions to let them experience things first hand and thus allow them to glean the knowledge from their personal experience themselves. The sessions are enjoyable and engaging and ones that the children look forward to.

Top 8 Reasons Why Choose ENpower

Teens adopt entrepreneurship lifestyle
Encourage out of box thinking
Build inner conviction to take a risk and start
learn from failures and rise again
Dare to think beyond resources controlled (Not limit to resources)
Build winning teams and establish strong leadership
Let passion for a field craft a career
Ideate solutions for problems faced by the society

Student Testimonials

Best Education For Design

It has taken my confidence to next level.
I have improved in many things and
I have learned how to manage team work.
I have developed my leadership quality too.

- Riddhi Jain (SSC) (Little Angels School,Sion)

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Student Testimonials

Best Education WordPress Theme

I really found the enlearning program very useful.
It made us deal with real life situation.
I learnt how to take risk and how to make the best out of it.
I have also learnt different ways to tackle a problem.
I feel this program should be a part of
school curriculum because it exposes students to different situations
that we might not face now but in future.

- Saloni Doshi (ICSE) (Shishuvan School, Matunga)


Student Testimonials

Best Education Into PHP

I really loved the ‘Mind your own Business’ Workshop.
I learnt how we need to adapt change and become change drivers.
What are the consequences or what would happen
if a business did not change with time.
We also learnt what is entrepreneursip and
how it is different from business.
Over all it was a very enriching experience

- Nandini Shah, Grade 9 (IB) (JBCN International School , Lower Parel)

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Student Testimonials

Best Education Into PHP

Todays session was fun loving.
We learnt what struggle really is and
why its important to never give up in order to succeed in life.
We enjoyed the games and activities.
The teacher told us the importance of having a goal in life
in order to become big and successful in life.

- Raghavendra Rathore (NGO- Angel Xpress)

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