21st Century Life Skill Development

Life skill learning has now become so easy !

Accelium life skill learning platform helps every child develop higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games. Based on a scientifically proven methodology and adopted in over 30 countries worldwide, Accelium has developed an unique learning process that blends class instruction, personal coaching and state of the art digital learning. For the past 23 years, this engaging platform, more than 5 million learners (from 6 – 16 years of age) across the world are using this platform to nurture 21st century life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative skills, creative thinking, performing under pressure, flexible thinking, resource management and so on. ENpower has partnered with Accelium to bring this new age learning pedagogy to Indian audiences after contextualising it to Indian learners.

Accelium Courses (Online Platform)

Accelium Courses (Online Platform + 12 interactive sessions with thinking coach)

Frequently Asked Questions

The online platform has a series of games (minimum 8, maximum 14) which are very intuitive on skills. As a child plays games, simple learning is embedded in the dialog boxes. At the end of every project, there is an evaluation game. Once the child plays that game, he/ she gets an evaluation on 4 parameters with benchmarks.

The virtual sessions conducted by our Thinking Coach will last an hour each. This session will help the child to decode the learnings. The uniqueness of these sessions is that each session emphasises on application of the learning in real life problems and situations. The sessions end with a fun and engaging home assignments.

Assessment report has three components

  1. Score of the child on 5 important parameters – Analytical ability, quick thinking, efficiency, performance under pressure and flexible thinking.
  2. Comparison of their life skills averages with other students worldwide A detailed feedback on each of the skills and a proposed action plan for improvement.

Each program is built with unique objectives and all games/ sessions are built on the same theme.

  • There would be context of some skills in all programs. For eg. ‘Mastering problem solving’ focuses on problem solving and decision making.
  • ‘Thinking creatively’ has some components of problem solving.


Following skills are focused in each program:-

  • Mastering Problem Solving– Problem solving, decision making, quick thinking, adaptability, collaborative skills, resource management
  • Dealing with Uncertainties– Decision making, dealing with ambiguity, managing failures, learning from mistakes,  performing under pressure , adaptability
  • Flexible Thinking– Option evaluation, problem solving, focus, critical thinking, learning skills, self reflection, resource management
  • Thinking Creatively– Creative thinking, cognitive motivation, critical thinking, problem solving, dealing with ambiguity, action orientation

Both programs are good. Each of the programs has its unique learning objectives that help in skill developments.

Yes. Once the students complete all the learning sessions, a certificate is issued at the end.

Yes. We can offer a free demo session of 2-3 games available on the platform.

Not required. Our Thinking Coach is equipped to manage younger children during the online sessions.

For effective learning, one session per week is recommended.

Our Thinking Coach will help you in scheduling of programs. Incase of 2 or more programs, one will start after the first one is completed.

The report generated mentions comprehensive points on areas of improvement and the suggested action plan to improve the weaker aspects of the skills.

The programme is designed in a way that even if a child misses a session, they will not fall behind. The Thinking Coach begins the new session with a recap to previous session.