A mind your business workshop done with a diverse group of students (Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11) of MET Rishikul Vidhyalay . Total 45 students participated in a 3 day workshop
conducted inside the school premises.
Students made teams as per their grades and formed group of 4 . Students worked around
product development and innovation.
Teams were given to choose products/services of their choice from a list of products.
(Shoes/umbrella /wrist watch/ice cream parlour/ spa)
Each team worked around innovating features of a products using a unique technique
‘Scamper’. This helped them to ideate in a structured way to innovate a product or service .
Each team came out with unique ideas to create value to the product/service .
On the final day a gallery walk was arranged for the parents/Teachers/Principal and Director
of School. Each team displayed their project and explained parents about how they
innovation, branding, business modelling of their product /service.
After the gallery walk each team had to do an ‘elevated pitch’ (1 min pitch) to the jury.
After the Q and A and internal discussion of jury, winners were announced and felicitated
with prizes by the School.

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