ENpower’s Junior MBA – Little Angels HS Final Showcase Day on 27th Feb 2019

The whole year (June 2018 – Feb 2019) students of the 7th Grade at Little Angels went through an exciting journey of Entrepreneurship. Initially, when we met the Children, they heard the term “Entrepreneurs” for the first time ever. But we as Facilitators saw a ZEAL and a lot of willingness in their eyes to know and explore the journey of an Entrepreneur. In a span of 24 hours (1-hour session a week) the students learnt a lot of important aspects of an Entrepreneur and their life through Games and hands on activities.

This wonderful exploration ensured the students imbibed a lot of essential Life Skills required to become an Entrepreneur. We enlightened the students on the meaning and definition of Entrepreneurship, the role of an Entrepreneur in our society, Innovations, the traits of an Entrepreneur, meaning of Products and Services, Empathy and skills like Problem Solving, Decision Making, Collaborative Skills, Team work to name a few.

After all the learning, the students wore their Entrepreneurial Hats and implemented all the skills that they learnt. The 150 students were divided into 30 teams and each team had to start their own Venture. Our Little Entrepreneurs were given a task of starting their own Restaurants, and our CHAMPS came up with such Unique Themes of Restaurants like-

  • Bollywood Chaska (Bollywood Theme )
  • Fairy Foreland ( Fairy Theme)
  • Little’s Restaurants( where small kids can be dropped by parents and the kids will be entertained through Magic shows, games, books, toys, and yummy food)
  • Little Korea ( Korean Food )
  • Cultural Cuisines( where 4 types of Cuisines will be served in their cultural way, with pick up and drop facility from home)

Many technological Innovations like Conveyor belts, mini elevators, and tablets etc. were used in the restaurant to place and serve the orders).

The students brilliantly branded their restaurants, created logos and taglines, came up with catchy jingles keeping in mind their offering and the target audience. They identified who will be their customers, made creative Menu Cards for their offerings, and also calculated the amount they will need to invest and their annual expenditure.

Overall it was a fantastic show put up by our Young Entrepreneurs, with great effort and enthusiasm. They showcased their restaurant ventures and brilliantly answered all the questions posed to them. KUDOS to all of them!!!

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