ENpower’s Junior MBA – SIES High School, Matunga Showcase day on 12th March, 2019

The Academic Year June 2018 – Feb 2019 has been an exciting journey for the students of the 7th Grade at SIES School at Matunga.  Around 120 students enrolled for the Junior MBA program without being aware of the term “Entrepreneurs”. They didn’t know how to spell the term, the meaning nor the importance. We started our journey with the very genesis of all Inventions, made them believe that Inventions and Innovations is not the job of only Scientists or Engineers, but our wonderful Children at SIES have the SPARK in it and will start walking on a path of “Thinking out of the Box”.

Through a lot of games, activities and fun learning sessions, the most essential Life Skills required to become an Entrepreneur were taught to them. We enlightened the students on the Meaning and Definition of Entrepreneurship, The Role of an Entrepreneur in our society, Innovations, the traits of an Entrepreneur, Meaning of Products and Services, Empathy and Skills like Problem Solving, Decision Making, Collaborative Skills, Team work to name a few. Our students would thoroughly enjoy the sessions and eagerly wait for us to come next.

After all the learning, the students wore their Entrepreneurial Hats and implemented all the skills that they learnt. The 120 students were divided in 13 teams and each team had to start their own Venture. Our Little Entrepreneurs were given a task of starting their own Restaurants, and our CHAMPS came up with such Unique Themes of Restaurants like-

  1. Moving Restaurant (on wheels) – students welcomed their guests with a lovely Jungle, offered the guests yummylicious food, had done all the Legal document related work and a lot of research on Location and cuisines.
  2. Goan speciality Restaurant – the team came up with their website, made a lovely Model, offered cool drinks to taste and were very confident in talking.
  3. A lovely Nature’s corner- the uniqueness of this Restaurant is that the team first empathized with the health issues that youngsters face due to unhealthy eating habits, so they came up with a fantastic solution of offering Organic and healthy food cooked in traditional ways. They made a unique Menu card where the health benefits of each offering was mentioned in detail.
  4. Cloudy Corner – The students had put a lot of efforts in building an amazing Model of CLOUDS, the Theme was very unique and the ambience was very creatively planned. The students dressed up very nicely and were extremely confident while talking. Their Milkshakes were so uniquely made and served.
  5. There were many more Models that were so thoughtfully made by the students. Each and every minute detail was thought of and implemented in the models. Students made very attractive Menu cards. One team thought of Multi cuisines from various places in India and each one of them were dressed up according to the state they were representing. They had incorporated Solar energy, elevators for serving food, Moonlight Restaurant with glass Roof etc were to name a few innovative ideas showcased today by the budding Entrepreneurs.

The students created logos and taglines, came up with catchy jingles & branded their restaurants, keeping in mind their offering and the target audience. They identified who will be their customers, made creative menu cards for their offering with prices, and also calculated the amount they will need to invest and their annual expenditure.

Overall our Young Entrepreneurs put up a fabulous show, with great efforts and enthusiasm. They showcased their restaurant business and diligently answered all the questions posed to them by their teachers, parents and the jury.

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