Thinking Creatively

Age: 14, 15 & 16 years.
Mode: Online games.
Skills covered: Creative thinking, cognitive motivation, critical thinking, problem solving, dealing with ambiguity, action orientation.

Using creative thinking to explore solutions to problems around is one trait that would make your child differentiate from the rest of the lot. The Creative Thinking course focuses on six main topics. The first lesson of the course is an introduction to creative thinking and its importance to every domain of our lives. Students will come to understand that creativity is not solely associated with and expressed via the arts, but rather has a place in subjects all across the curriculum and beyond. The consequent sessions gradually develop the topic of creativity. Students will learn that creativity allows them to see fresh possibilities and alternatives; and teaches them not to fear difficulty and change. The games in this project present innovative and practical tools which develop creative thinking, tools that every teacher can use in the classroom and apply in a wide range of fields and subjects in order to prepare students for life beyond the classroom.

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