Thinking Creatively + 12 One hour interactive sessions

Age: 14, 15 & 16 years.
Mode: Online games + learning sessions by thinking Coach.
Skills covered: Creative thinking, cognitive motivation, critical thinking, problem solving, dealing with ambiguity, action orientation.

We have structured a unique program on ‘creative thinking process’ based on 12 online games delivered by our Thinking Coaches through virtual sessions.

These 12 sessions consist of 12 PowerPoint presentations, 6 Class workouts and 5 Advanced workouts for the learner to complete at home, 13 videos in AVI and MP3 format and 8 printable worksheets with riddles and challenges to practice in class and as home assignments

This helps the learner to build a flexible thinking that covers

  1. Ability of seeking information
  2. Adapting to changes around us
  3. Building flexible plans
  4. Ability to build multiple alternatives to one problem
  5. Techniques of evaluation of alternatives
  6. Out of box thinking
  7. Innovative ways of problem solving
  8. Ability to eliminate thinking biases
  9. Importance of ‘let go’ attitude
  10. Understanding creative constraints
  11. Breaking patterns to arrive solutions
  12. Maximising resource utilisation

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