Mastering Problem Solving + 12 One hour interactive sessions

Age: 8 & 9 years.
Mode: Online games + learning sessions by thinking Coach.
Skills covered: Problem solving, decision making, quick thinking, adaptability, collaborative skills, resource management.

We have structured a unique program on problem solving based on  8 online games delivered by our Thinking Coaches through virtual sessions.

These 12 sessions consist of 12 PowerPoint presentations, 8 Class workouts and 7 Advanced workouts for the learner to complete at home, 9 videos in AVI and MP3 format and 12 printable worksheets with riddles and challenges to practice in class and as home assignments

This helps the learner to build a holistic problem solving approach that covers

  1. Ability to break down problems in smaller components
  2. Ability to identify available options systematically
  3. Techniques of resource planning
  4. Reverse thinking of problem from solution
  5. Collecting information in a systematic manner
  6. Logical sequencing of information available
  7. Ability to identify anchors in decision making
  8. Ability to predict and avoid ‘dead-ends’ & managing failures
  9. Recognising patterns
  10. Collaborative problem solving
  11. Considering multiple possibilities before taking decisions

Developing planning and non-impulsive attitude

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