Life Skill Assessment


Age: 12 years +.
Mode: Online.
Skills measured : Analytical ability, Quick Thinking, Efficiency, Performance under Pressure, Flexible Thinking

Everyone loves to get a dipstick of where do we stand in terms of life skills !
Here is a powerful tool to assess your child on 5 important skills.

  • Analytical ability
  • Quick Thinking
  • Efficiency
  • Performance under Pressure
  • Flexible Thinking

A 60 minutes test comprising of games which a child can play. This mode is well appreciated across the globe because child is not put on evaluation environment and is at his/her natural self while playing games. The system is adaptive at the back-end to evaluate the performance on the games and presents a analysis of above 5 skills. Internationally ‘Assessment 410’ is highly acclaimed by educators, teachers and parents for its reports and analysis. Teacher gets a group & individual performance report compared with world benchmarks, detailed skill wise pointers and proposed action plan for improvements.

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