Dealing with Uncertainties + 12 One hour interactive sessions

Age: 10 & 11 years.
Mode: Online games + learning sessions by thinking Coach.
Skills covered: decision making, dealing with ambiguity, managing failures, learning from mistakes, performing under pressure , adaptability.

We have structured a unique program on ‘dealing with uncertainties’ based on 10 online games delivered by our Thinking Coaches through virtual sessions.

These 12 sessions consist of 12 PowerPoint presentations, 6 Class workouts and 5 Advanced workouts for the learner to complete at home, 15 videos in AVI and MP3 format and 7 printable worksheets with riddles and challenges to practice in class and as home assignments

This helps the learner to build a holistic approach to manage uncertainties that covers

  1. Enquiry based techniques of problem solving
  2. Expressing thoughts in clear & Articulate way
  3. Building dynamic planning scenarios
  4. Identifying & eliminating distractive elements
  5. Identifying critical & non-critical elements
  6. Goal focused & result orientation
  7. Building personal accountability
  8. Selecting, organising & communicating visual information
  9. Recognising tactical and strategic planning
  10. Adapting to changing circumstances
  11. Analysing patterns that add to uncertainties
  12. Decision making tools

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  • Monika goel 13th May 2020 @ 7:29 pm

    How to enroll my son? He is 10 year old.

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